A Cold Journey Between Buildings


Jesus Regalado Santos, Staff Writer

The weather is getting colder, and students should get prepared for the change. 

Since Elkhart High School has three buildings, students have to continuously walk between each building to get to their classes.

With the weather getting colder, there are some things that students can do to try and make the journey not so bad. Of course, students can always wear more layers to try and keep warm, but also consider walking with a warm drink. Wearing proper shoes is also very important. Shoes with good traction will make the walk easier and lessen the risk of a fall.

Silas Hunt, a sophomore, shares his journey: “I have to go in between buildings around 5 times. I’m constantly outside.” With the weather changing, students like Hunt will have to walk in the snow; he, like most traveling students, have some concerns. “There are a lot of students at this school, and in the snow, I think people will walk slower. I don’t want to be counted tardy because I was being careful in the possible ice,” explains Hunt. With these conditions, teachers will most likely be more flexible with students who do arrive late due to the conditions.

Thankfully, Mr. Cary Anderson, the Executive Principal of Elkhart High, has a plan to hopefully lower the risks of being tardy.
Our wonderful maintenance staff does a great job of handling snow removal during large amounts of snowfall. With more students walking several times a day back and forth between the ETI, HPS, and the main building, we will need to stay on top of this throughout the day.” Removing the snow throughout the day also makes the sidewalks easier and safer for students.

Mr. Anderson adds, “Students that attended the old ‘Memorial’ High School who also attended the EACC programs also walked back and forth, and they always made it work. I’m sure it’ll be no different this year.”