Preparing For Final Exams


Lilly Ganczak, Staff Writer

Finals week is coming in hot and heavy!

Thanksgiving break is over and now it’s time to push through the last couple weeks of the first semester of the 2021-22 school year. Both teachers and students are preparing for the big exams in many different ways. Students, especially, should be gathering and reviewing all of their knowledge learned over the course of the last four months. Preparation and study time is key for receiving good test scores. Semester final exam schedules are different here at Elkhart High compared to previous years. There are not any exact set dates that teachers have to follow, and this may throw some students off, especially ones who are strict schedule followers. 

Sophomore Tairyn Null gives some studying tips saying, “Staying motivated is crucial to surviving finals week. Time management and prioritizing each assignment will help keep students’ stress levels low. The challenge with finals week is that your deadlines may overlap and you have to pick and choose what you decide to devote your time to. Of course, the deadline of each project, paper or test will determine when you work on a given class. If I could share just one tip with students, I’d choose to remind them that your test scores don’t determine your worth! As long as they know they studied and tried their hardest there should be nothing to fret about.” 

Keeping a balance between studying, sleeping, and eating a priority is super important. Finding a quiet, calm place to study and really focusing will ensure having a productive study time. Don’t forget to set aside time to celebrate once finals are over! Rewards give students something to look forward to and keep motivated to get through their exams. And, finally, remember to keep calm and study on!