Life In The Fast Chipotlane

Life In The Fast Chipotlane

Hanna Al-Aloosi, Staff Writer

What does someone want for Christmas? A dog, a Playstation 5, or a new phone? How about a Chipotle?

This winter, a new Chipotle will be opening at 135 C.R. 6. This restaurant will be sponsoring a “Chipolane.” This will be a drive-thru pick-up lane that is used by having customers place their orders through the restaurant’s app or website. 

Even though the grand opening is not set, people are still excited for the outcome of the restaurant this winter. “I’m ready for it! I can’t wait to have a Chipotle near me!’ exclaims Emily Studd, a sophomore. “I’ve been waiting for this as long as I have been waiting for Chick-fil-A in my area.”  Some people are still wondering how to use Chipotlane before it has its debut in Elkhart. “Yeah, I kind of have a clue, but at the same time–not.” Studd commented on the Chipotlane. Chipotlane’s main purpose is to give customers that “pay ahead” access to gain their food in a quicker and easier way. This will let customers stay in their cars, pick-up, and go.

How does this new function of transmitting food to customers affect Chipotle? This method helps Chipotle significantly. According to Forbes most recently, growth of 65.6 percent of digital sales make up 12.9 percent of the overall restaurant’s sales. What a game-changer, right?

With all of this new intel about Chipotle, and the new function being introduced of the “Chipotlane” to Elkhart, there’s sure to be a line up in the Chipotlane on opening day.