Some Things Just Keep Getting Stranger And Stranger!


Kyla Albright, Staff Writer

Strange things have definitely occurred during COVID–including the postponement of the American sci-fi horror drama Stranger Things.

Stranger Things fans are disgruntled by how long they have had to wait for Season 4 of the show; hopefully, though, the long wait will come to an end next year. 

Netflix hopes to air Season 4 of Stranger Things during the summer of 2022. Filming for season got postponed last year due to COVID 19, so the release of the new season was pushed out farther out than expected. Season 3 of the show came out July 4, 2019, making a 2-year gap between releases. When fans found out that they are going to have to wait an extra year for the new season, they weren’t very happy. 

There have been a few trailers released for the new season and it has fans on their toes. Each trailer has come out with a month span in between. One of the trailers pictures an old house that the main characters go to explore. It’s an old, abandoned house that has been empty for years. “I watched this trailer, and it made me think that the ‘upside down’ has been around for a lot longer than I originally thought,” confides Elizabeth Kehoe, a sophomore at Elkhart High School. The “upside down” is the place where the main character, Will, gets trapped in. It’s filled with terrible creatures that feed on humans. 

Another one of the trailers features the main character, Eleven, writing a letter to Mike explaining how ecstatic she is to come visit for spring break. At the end of Season 3, Eleven moved to Chicago with Will’s family when their friends stayed in Indiana. “I think that all of the people are going to be excited about being reunited, but they are going to find some unexpected things. That’s how I interpreted the trailer.” Kehoe exclaims. The trailer gives a peek into what to anticipate in the upcoming season, creating much excitement amongst fans.

Although still months away, the anticipation is building, as each trailer for Stranger Things provides more tantalizing hints as to what might happen in the upcoming  season. Fans hope that the long wait will be worth it in the end!