EHS Food Drive: Driving For A Better Community 


Adyan Al-Shamri, Staff Writer

A little help can make a big difference.

Nowadays people often think of society as a give-and-take world. Someone gives something and expects something in return. What if the thing someone gets in return is the satisfaction of helping others?

Elkhart High School hosted a canned food drive encouraging their students to give back. Students brought in their non-perishable goods to their first period. At the end of the drive, Nov. 19, the first period with the most non-perishable foods won a breakfast. Even with breakfast, this was an opportunity to help someone less fortunate with just a can of food. Most had a can of beans, vegetables, and more just hanging around in their cupboard untouched and were willing to donate it. This year, 1,962 can and non-perishable food items will be donated to Church Community Services.  The JROTC collected the “Lions share,” with 1,427 items donated.

Sometimes donating can be a bigger lesson than one initially assumes it to be. Mrs. Janie Boyden has her own lesson twisted in it for students. “I try to emphasize to students the importance of community,” she begins. “Many students will never leave this community. Others will eventually come back, live here, and raise a family after college or living in another city.  It is important that they care about their community and take pride in making positive contributions.”Boyden adds, “What better way to show you care than by feeding families in need?” 

Conducting a food drive isn’t a new idea; it has been an ongoing event for years. Boyden speaks on how it all started. “Sigma Beta Upsilon has sponsored a food drive for over 25 years. Initially,” she says, “we collected cans and non-perishable food items within the club. Soon after, we decided to expand it to get the entire school involved to increase the donations.  Over the years,” she concludes, “we have donated to a variety of organizations, but for the last several years, we have donated to Church Community Services’ food pantry.” 

Even if some students didn’t give back to their community in the form of a food drive, there are other ways to show their appreciation. From something as big as volunteer work to something as small as picking up trash someone might stumble upon, there is always something that could and should be done. 

Encouraging others to step up and help out their community in any form could bring a little more life into society. Elkhart HIgh School students are constantly urged by adults around them to “do the right thing.” Sometimes, the right thing to be done is right in front of them.