Sophomoric Ideas About Lemons?

Sophomoric Ideas About Lemons?

Salah Ali, Staff Writer

Lemons are pretty cool.

There are so many cool things a person can do with lemons. Not only that, there are also so many interesting facts on this yellow fruit. For instance, did anyone know that Christopher Columbus first introduced lemons to the New World in 1493 by bringing lemon seeds with him while traveling? Pretty interesting fact that not many people know.

Surprisingly, though, numerous students at EHS offer enlightening tidbits about lemons that are equally insightful. Enzo Gurgel, a sophomore, said, “They are not limes.” He answered this confidently, but just in case, this information was fact checked. Believe it or not, Gurgel was correct! Another person who had a fact to share was Katherine Manzanares, another sophomore. She said, “They are a good fruit.” A lot of students couldn’t have agreed more!

Not everyone had a fact to share but did have an opinion on lemons. A perfect example of this would have to be Gavin Stine–yes, another sophomore. He thought that “lemons are spicy.” This can be true if  spicy is deemed a synonym for sour.  Dustin Dilks, guess the grade level this time, thought that “lemons are sour and  juicy,” and Mr. Jesse Olson, an English teacher at the main campus who might describe himself as sophomoric, added that “they taste bitter”–two very well appreciated and great responses that help the general public understand lemons from a true connoisseur’s perspective.

On to some more fun facts! A poignant fact that may benefit anyone in the future was shared by Alvernon Mitchell, a junior (just kidding; he’s another sophomore). Mitchell noted that “lemon juice and hot water are good for a sore throat.” This is very true, as the acidity of lemons makes them anti-bacterial. Also, who knew that if a lemon is heated up  in the microwave that more juice will come out! In other words, consumers get more lemon with their lemon! That’s awesome! Also, note this fun fact: lemons are originally native from northeast India and are a part of the rutaceae family (basically the citrus family).

The rutaceae family usually has flowering plants with citrus fruit and strong scents. Common fruits that are known to be a part of this family include grapefruit, oranges, limes, and, of course, lemons. One final bit of information on the species of lemons is that they grow on small evergreen trees. Lemons can produce up to 600 pounds of lemons each year and also produce lemons year round. Amazing!

Just based off of these facts, it’s clear that sophomores have the fruity idea that lemons are an incredible edible.  So, next time at the grocery store, get a lemon, or two–or maybe even 11.