Canvas App: Not Apt For Students


Ashlyn Anderson, Staff Writer

There’s an app for that–right? However, not all apps are created equal.

Canvas Student and Canvas Teacher are widely used apps in schools across the country, from elementary up through college. Many teachers really enjoy using the app, unlike most students. The app has existed since 2011 and has been rated a 4.7 on Apple’s App Store.

Regardless of its popularity, most students are seen using the web version instead, due to the fact anyone can answer questions and submit assignments while still being able to access other areas of the website; that ability is not widely trusted within the app. Interestingly, teachers also seem to prefer the website. Ms. Amy Semancik, a teacher in Health & Public Safety, states that she prefers the website. “For teachers, the grading features are easier to use in the website.” She also says, “I usually work from my laptop computer instead of from my iPad.” For her, the app takes longer for things like assignments and tests to load.  Mr. Randy Styles, another teacher in the Health & Public Safety school of study, says that “the app can be difficult to navigate if the user does not know the function of the app.” He, too, prefers the website over the app.

The website allows students to see the question they are answering when they use the text entry feature for answering assignments, which is much easier than trying to remember four or more questions for an assignment or having to move the questions to a different app. Despite its flaws, Mrs. Luann Burlingame, a teacher in Human Services, says she likes the app fine, although sometimes her assignments come up duplicated.

Most teachers and students seem to prefer the Canvas website over the app because of the constant glitches and mistakes made. The website gives students and teachers easier access to assignments and tests, unlike the app–proving that not all apps are created equal to their website counterparts.