Diving Right In To Practices


Amanya Gonzales, Editor-in-Chief

Again it’s that time of year: cold freezing temperatures, frozen hair, and an ice-cold pool. However, this year’s swim team is diving in to prepare for a new season of wins. This year’s team is composed of 10 guys and around 12 girls, which Zach Mann, a senior, suspects to be “A team full of strong swimmers!”

For some swimmers, this year is their very first time competing. As a senior, Mann decided to join the team for both his first and final time. Mann believes that swimming has been “a good experience so far and has taught [him] a lot already.” He adds, “I enjoy being part of the team and hanging out with them; it’s what makes those practices bearable.”

With this in mind, a few things are different this swim season–most notably, their practice times. “We practice six days a week, from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m, with the exception of Sundays,” Mann confesses. He goes on further, noting, “It has been hard to adjust to, but well worth it.” These practices are held at Beacon and include both the girls’ and boys’ teams. Typically, practice consists of a dry land exercise portion, as well as a swim portion. However, many of these swimmers find themselves a bit worn out before the school day has even begun. Additionally, Mann admits, “I have come to school a few times fresh out of practice, a bit exhausted.”

Despite their painful morning practices, these swimmers find themselves filled with excitement for their upcoming meets. Their first meet is next Tuesday, Nov. 23, at Penn.