Hey, Swifties: What Era Fits You Best?

Take the quiz to discover which Taylor Swift era matches each person.


Jenny Quintano, Editor-in-Chief

“Are you ready for it!” “…Ready For It?” Reputation

Every good Swiftie knows that Taylor Swift albums aren’t just the same type. Swift has gone from country to pop through her career. With it, the aesthetics have changed from each album, as well. One minute Swift talks about revenge in her album, and the next album is about being in love. That’s where fans try to see what  “Taylor Swift era” they are in at the moment and which album fits them more.  “I love how there are different eras based on her albums. It’s very unique,” admits Ella Szymczak, a junior.

One reason Swift remains so popular is that audiences connect with her words: “I’ve heard every album, listened to the radio. Waited for something to come along,” Swift sings in “Our Song.” But, this is just a sample from one of nine different eras to choose from. Each era is based off each album, which include Taylor Swift (debut album), Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, and Evermore. And, each song speaks to its listener in personal ways at various points in his or her life.

However, some eras are more alike than others. Taylor Swift, Fearless, and Speak Now fit into similar country and pop genres–the type of era where someone is angry enough to throw a whole chair while listening to some of the songs in those albums. Red is the type of album that takes listeners back to 2012 with all the Polaroid pictures, Tumblr girls, hippies, and listening to “22” over and over on the radio. 1989 gives the aesthetic of a classy, very stylish woman living in New York City–complete with dark sunglasses…and don’t forget the red lipstick.

Reputation is one of the darkest albums. The aesthetic of the album is that revenge will hit one’s enemies, as well as the idea of growing to become a better person,–with a bit of revenge in there. Lover era comes right around the corner. Based on the name of the album of  being in love, Swift focuses on not just romantic love but also loving one’s self.  It shows that it takes time to be truly happy with one’s own being–and that’s okay. Folklore and Evermore are similar, as well. They delve into going to the cabin by the lakes, being in the woods, maybe losing one’s self, hurting, and features one of the most complicated lyrics to understand.

What era are some Swifties in right now? Taking the quiz linked below, Szymczak got Red as her era. Does this era suit her? Szymczak thinks so. “Yes! I do think it fits me well; I have always related and enjoyed her music.”

What will it be? Will it be daydreaming of NYC, wanting revenge, perhaps wanting to disappear to a cabin by the lakes, or maybe finding love? Take this quiz to find out what era are you in?