That Dreaded Time Of Year!: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences are set for Oct. 18-20, as the mark to the end of the 1st quarter.


Jesus Regalado Santos, Staff Writer

It’s that dreaded time of year again—when parents come in to talk with their child’s teachers.

Parent-Teacher Conferences for Elkhart High School start on Oct. 18 and end on Oct. 20. The first two days (Oct. 18-19) will be regular school days, where all students will go to their classes in person. On these days, conferences will be held from 4:30 pm to 7 p.m. with teachers available in their classrooms for parents to wander about and casually stop in. While no scheduled time is needed, parents should be advised that teachers will be provided a half-hour break for dinner at their discretion.

The final day of conferences will be somewhat different. Wednesday, Oct. 20, is an e-Learning day, where all students are required to stay home and complete their assignments from there. The conferences during the e-Learning day will be held from 8:35 a.m. to 12:05 p.m. And, teachers will remain at school for the remainder of the day. On all three days, parents can go to their child’s School of Study hub to pick up the report card and obtain a map of where the classrooms are located.

While conferences are a necessary way for parents to stay connected with their child’s progress, these conferences also affect the students, causing anxiety in some. “Now my parents will know the stuff I do at school,” Cory Hausbach, a sophomore, playfully admits. “Hopefully my teachers will say more good things than bad things about me!” However, Parent-Teacher Conferences can also  be an opportunity for students to show off what they excel in or what they have improved at to their parents–instead of another thing for students to be worried about on top of their other stresses. For most parents, Parent-Teacher Conferences is a good way to connect with teachers and check in with how the school year is going. 

Luckily for students, Fall Break is also just around the corner. Sadly, it was pushed back a day. Originally set to begin on Thursday, Oct. 21, that day is now being used as a make-up e-Learning day resulting from the power outage school cancelation at the beginning of the school year. Therefore, the first official day of Fall Break is now Friday, Oct. 22, and will continue through Monday, Oct. 25.

When students return, they will be recharged for the beginning of the 2nd quarter…hopefully.