Monteza Juhasz, Staff Writer

Having service on phones is a necessity for teens–whether it is to do school work, text parents, or make sure rides after school are provided. No matter what it is, all kids need it.

So why would the school take away the VPNs? One obvious reason is to keep students from accessing inappropriate websites. Maybe, however, it feels the kids are getting distracted by their phones during class.  But, no matter what the reason, the reality is that people in the building all need it–including teachers. 

Not having a VPN means that the cell signal might still work–but not in all areas of the building. Carlos Amaya, senior at Elkhart High, is frustrated by the sporadic service. He shares his thoughts.“The VPN helps with school. Without it, some apps won’t work, including the ones I need for school and homework.” Amaya notes that the C-block in Arts & Communications is the worst area for cell service. However,  junior Jessica Martinez insists that the lack of service extends further–the main entrance, the Apex room, and even the lunch room.

It’s ironic that something as basic as cell service is not available in a school that promotes technology in so many other areas.