No Joke: This Thriller Is a “Must See”


Virtue Nyarko, Editor-in-Chief

Everyone loves humor; whether it’s inappropriate, dark, sensitive or even common sense, a good joke and laughter tends to cure the soul.

However, unlike its name, the movie The Joker is not a comedic film but rather a deeper insight into mental health and, of course­ — the life of the infamous villain. Throughout the movie, the development of a hardworking, lower-class citizen who’s trying to fit in is shifted to the exasperated man who’s fed up with society and its stigma toward the non-wealthy. This anger then revolves to the incitement of madness as The Joker wreaks havoc on Gotham City and others follow his lead.

Although critics and movie-goers resented the movie for the many violent and daring scenes which could possibly be used for recreational purposes, the true intention of the movie was to provide a thrilling and innovative change to the usual “superhero” type. Erin Byers, 11, thought that “it gave DC fans more hope for the industry improving cinematic wise.” With $856.3 million in the box office and a rank of the seventh highest-grossing film of 2019, The Joker did prove to be the change that it hoped; yet, certain individuals still used the movie as a way to instigate violence and torment others, declaring themselves as “The Joker,” as well.

   Byers also pointed out this: “The violence in the movie wasn’t as bad compared to other movies I’ve seen, but the craziest parts were the ones that talked about mental health and psychological issues.” Despite the complaints and reviews, the overall plot and message of the movie proves to be a thriller and provides an interesting aspect on the well-known villain’s life.

Regardless of whether it grows to be a bigger success or not, visiting the local movie theater to see this film would be no joke.