The Scoop on Ice Cream

The Scoop on Ice Cream

Jamisen Halverson, Writer

Every day is ice cream day—or at least it should be. Here is the scoop on how Central’s students stack up against a national survey on America’s love of this frozen dessert.

Of the 288 students responding, it would appear that a teenager’s perspective on ice cream might differ slightly from a national poll, where adults also responded. Most notably, teenagers seem to consume ice cream for more emotional reasons than their adult counterparts. For example, only 24 percent on a national level admit to eating ice cream to console themselves after a break-up. Here at Central, however, that number rises to a staggering 52 percent. Maybe that just means that there is more drama in the teen world and fewer ways to drown their sorrows.

Yet, Central teens also turn to ice cream more often than noted nationally to end an argument. After all, who can stay mad-hot after cooling down with a two-scoop, sweet apology! Apparently, 46 percent at Central cannot. However, only 9 percent in the nation rely on this method. It makes one wonder how much more progress could be made in Washington if all just sat down to a heaping bowl of Haagen-dazs.

There is one area, though, where age does not seem to be a factor: the amount consumed in a single sitting. Nationally speaking, 40 percent admit to eating a full pint of ice cream while sitting on the couch. Central students are not far behind, with 37 percent. Could this be the go-to treat of Netflix binge watchers?

One area, though, was overlooked by the national poll: what toppings are the best. With a third of Central’s respondents agreeing, coming in at No. 1 was hot fudge, followed by brownie bits at No. 2. Strawberries took No. 3 with  several dozen votes.  And, blueberry fans—all four of them—made sure that their voice was also heard.

So, how does Central compare in their choice of flavors compared to national favorites? Take a look at the accompanying graph and see.