My own theory about “Thee” multiverse(s)

Michael Schoon, Staff Writer


Silver Spoon, Creative Commons
An artistic depiction of eight different multiverses that could contain the answers to different versions of our own multiverse.

I’m not really much of a science person but there is one part of science that does intrigue me and that is the (for effect, for the rest of this post, pronounce as ‘thee’).

I’ve always found the multiverse interesting because of all the different possibilities out there. For example, there could be an alternate version of this world where a hour here is a decade there.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in your favorite show, movie, book, or even game? Who knows! Without even knowing it, you could be creating your own multiverse just by going about your daily activities.

In my own opinion, even when a writer like myself writes a book, it creates a series of events that leads up to the creation of a new multiverse.

Let’s say I’m writing a fanfiction about an anime version of the Fantastic Four, I would be choosing from a variety of different characters from the likes of Luffy from “One Peice” to Lust from “Fullmetal Alchemist.” I could even confuse some people by putting a non-anime character within the book to create a little twist to this new multiverse.

I’ll chose Luffy to replace Mr. Fantastic, Lust to replace Invisible Women, Blaziken to replace The Human Torch, and IT (Pennywise) to replace The Thing for a little twist within the multiverse. This gives a newer version of the Fantastic Four as well as a new multiverse is made. Now, what leads to the events of these characters becoming a newer version of the Fantastic Four is a story to tell another day so that this multiverse may be created.

Now, I’m not saying that you can create a new multiverse from just an idea, but there is always that possibility.

Even if it is a small chance to create one multiverse, there’s still a chance it can happen, so don’t give up so soon. Just think of what is the effect of every event that happens, like WWI and WWII.

What if Abraham Lincoln wasn’t ever assassinated? What if the Blood Moon was caused from a unknown species dying and only when the Blood Moon happens you can see the blood of the species? What if Fortnite was real? What if you were the opposite gender of what you are? What would have happened if Hitler won WWII? How would we look if mankind started on Jupiter? What if Pennywise really existed? What if all that we do now is all in a dream like the Matrix?

What if Riddick was real? What if everyone had powers? What if Freddy Krueger was real? What if Jason Voorhees was real? What if Slenderman was real? What if Creepypasta characters like Jane Everlasting and Jeff The Killer were real? How would are world be different if it was actually flat like a pancake instead of being round like a orange?

What if we didn’t need food or water to survive? What if you were born as a different species like a cat or even Megalodon? What if technology was never a thing? What if you could eat anything without getting sick or worse from it? What if you were a tool like a hammer or a saw? What if Deadpool was real? What if melee weapons and ranged weapons switch places? What would life be like if everyone spoke the same language? What if you got to date your celebrity crush?

All of these questions may not be answerable for us, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be answered in another multiverse, right? No matter how much people theorize, we won’t know everything about the multiverse, but we can still make our own theories.

We may think at times we know everything that is out there in the gigantic multiverse, but the truth is we only know about what we think is true. If you love to write, create art, dance, or whatever your hobby may be, keep up the great work because someday you could become something more.

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