Respect: Find out what it means to me


Kailey Blazier, Opinion Editor

As Aretha Franklin said (or sang) it best, “all I’m askin’ is for a little respect.” As teenagers, we are always reminded to respect our elders, but no one reminds the elders that we deserve respect as well.

As an adolescent, I can attest to the fact that we are deprived respect simply because we are younger.

When an individual is not treated with respect, they do not feel as compelled to treat others with respect.

It seems as though it is a small issue, but a lack of respect can completely change how hard one is willing to work and how one is willing to treat others.

Respect can mean anything from remembering someone’s name (and how to pronounce it) to allowing one to say what they have to say, understanding that it may be important to them.

Respect is not something that is difficult to reciprocate, rather situations may get more difficult when it is not reciprocated.  

According to Today, nearly eight in every ten Americans say a lack in respect is a serious national issue.

This does not mean that the youth has to be the change. We are impressionable and we follow by example.

This means that it is the job of the adults in our society to show us how to respect others.

Once we take a stand and begin to respect each other, there will be an overall change in the way things are.