Stop and Think

Take a second and be thankful and then show some generosity to those who are less fortunate.


Margaret Wiegand , Staff Writer

Before you go begging your parents for those brand new shoes or that super cute sweater, stop and think about those less fortunate who don’t even have a home to store their clothes in.

The negative forty degree windchill that we experienced this winter got the best of those who call the side of the road their home. Not only here in Elkhart, Indiana, but in several other cities throughout the world.

Although there is not much we can do about other cities around the world, living here in Elkhart, Indiana, we can still keep those in mind and in our prayers that are less fortunate than us.     

Take an hour of your day to invade your closet, pick out clothes that you never find yourself  wearing, throw them in a bag, and donate them to the Faith Mission Thrift Store or even Goodwill.  Your gesture will make all the difference in the world. I can promise you, you will feel more content with yourself after making this kind, yet simple gesture.

When you get the chance, be sure to thank your parents for the bed you sleep in and the roof that they provide for you over your head. Not only that, but don’t take the things you have for granted and be thankful for the life that you have no matter how horrible you think it may be.

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