AP-2020 Vs. COVID-19


Virtue Nyarko, Editor-in-Chief

Once again, COVID-19 has deterred yet another regular process in the education system. Many nationwide testing opportunities, such as SAT’s and ACT’s, have been cancelled entirely, while accommodations for the national AP Exams have been made, such as online testing. For those in AP Art classes, however, their works need to be submitted as a portfolio by a set date. Depending upon the resources an art student has at home to complete that, it could be quite a challenge.

Yet, the online testing holds challenges of its own. The main worry is whether a different environment will hinder their performance skills. For Sergio Yanez, 12, at home testing is a better option — “Home testing is easier, mainly because we are in the comfort of our home, and we are able to study even more prior to taking the exam.” With online learning, the AP resources and materials are plentiful; thus, students can now prepare to feel at ease to take the exams.

However, with potential problems like cheating, internet issues, and distractions, teachers and test administrators have reason to doubt the validity of student success.  “It’s more difficult because, although you have more time to study, the lack of motivation increases at home,” admits Yanez. Luckily, to keep up with his studies, Yanez suggests this: “To not be distracted, I go to my kitchen and do my homework. I can’t do it in my room, since being on my bed makes me tired.”

Similarly, the struggles of students with testing are shared by teachers, as well, due to the expectations for teachers to fully prepare their students and provide them with all the information necessary being higher now that school is online.

While a clear solution is not available now, feedback from students and teachers can help to create a new learning environment, and as Yanez suggested, studying in a different environment might provide better results and, hopefully, the process of eLearning will become easier for both teaches and students.