Cinderella’s Closet Aids In An “Enchanted” Evening


Sophia Ibarra, Staff Writer

Money doesn’t grow on trees–and that can be a problem if wanting to attend the prom. Do not fear, all you Cinderella’s: The Elkhart High School’s fairy godmother is here to save money for this upcoming gala event.

Everyone knows girls tend to spend excessive amounts of money buying dresses, accessories, shoes, pictures, fancy meals, and fashionable rides for the prom. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Cut out a big chunk of that budget borrowing a free dress. Elkhart High School has a Cinderella’s Closet with many beautiful prom dresses in an array of colors and sizes for this magical night.

One of the best aspects about Cinderella’s Closet is that there are no copies of the same dress. Each one is unique, so girls won’t have to worry whether someone else at the prom will have the same look as her. All one has to do is go in and see if the shoe–and the dress–fit! To access Cinderella’s Closet, students need only go to the library to ask which side room it is housed in. Whoever is behind the desk will gladly take students into a room filled with a rainbow of dresses and shoes. All that is asked is that the dress be dry cleaned and returned after the prom so that another future Cinderella can enjoy the same experience the following year.

“I have just heard of Cinderella’s Closet, but I would not be opposed to going in and checking it out,” Brylee Franklin, a junior, states. “Personally, if I need to or could not get my own, I probably would.” Junior Malley Nelson agreed wholeheartedly with everything Franklin was saying.  “I would borrow a dress, because it seems like a great idea to spend less money for just one fun night.” 

Those interested in it will not want to wait too long to take advantage of this offer. The dress of one’s dreams may be in there now, but the fairy godmother cannot promise what tomorrow will bring! Oh, it might be wise to also get home by midnight for fear that the magic of the night will disappear.

Prom Information

Theme: Enchanted Gardens

Date: Saturday, May 20

Dinner: 7-8 p.m.

Dance: 8-11 p.m.

Place: Century Center, South Bend

Dance Only Costs: $35 ( until May 5), $40 (May 8-12), $45 (up until prom)

Dance/Dinner Costs: $45 (until May 5), $50 (May 8-12). No dinner tickets will be sold after May 12