Prescription For Success: Medical Internship


Nerlyn Martinez-Esqueda, Editor

Students experiencing a real-world environment to see if it is a career they’d like to pursue–that’s the essence of what an internship is all about.

Many partnering businesses offer EHS students the chance to complete an internship or job shadowing experience. Not only are students gaining the experience, but these programs are also beneficial in finding potential employers. 

Victoria Reyes Gonzalez and Mozel Ruvalcaba are both seniors interning at Elkhart General Hospital. Their shift is Monday through Friday from 8-11 a.m. 

“My day consists of constantly learning and watching healthcare workers tend to their patients,” says Ruvalcaba. “But, I have the opportunity to peek in on multiple career paths I might have not considered in the past,” she adds. 

Both are interested in interning in the medical field; thus,this opportunity allows them to network with potential future employers. “Everyday is a new activity. This past month I’ve been in the CVR, and then I got switched to the cath lab. Every two weeks, I change units in the hospital,” notes Reyes.

After graduation, Reyes plans to attend college and major in medical technology with a minor in computer science. Ruvalcaba intends on furthering her studies by attending a local college to study radiology.

“If given the opportunity and you’re interested in the medical field, I would advise you to get an internship at the hospital,” continues Reyes. “This opportunity will better my future with the experience under my belt,” adds Ruvalcaba.