Creative Fundraiser: An ART To Student Parking


Sophia Ibarra, Staff Writer

There’s nothing worse than arriving to school at the last minute and not being able to find a parking spot close enough to get into school on time.

Student drivers at Elkhart High School can soon avoid that stress by purchasing their spot–and customizing it with their own paint job! Students will have multiple options on where to reserve their spot and what they want painted on it–as long as it is school appropriate.

The cost, too, will be well worth it. When one has to pay $5 anyway for student parking, why not add $15 more to guarantee a spot for the entire year! But, await! There’s more! For an additional $5, “owners” of that spot can paint it how they’d like–something that reflects their personality. It could be anything from just a red dot to a Rembrandt!  As if that were not enough, students who travel between Career Center and the Main Campus can even get a reserved spot at both locations–all for the low, low price of an additional $10.

So, where do the proceeds go? It all goes to into the EHS Student Activity account, which funds just that–any student activity put on by the school. In the past, the funds raised have gone toward Halloween candy for kids and even to purchase positivity posters, where students can write encouraging comments on sticky notes for all to see.

Senior Melanie Solano Moren is more than willing to pay $20 to reserve a spot and is ready to hit the pavement running when they go on sale.”I would get upset, though, if somebody parked in it!” So, how will they know it’s hers? Just look for her paint design. “I would paint my spot with a Nintendo theme,” she states, “or maybe something from the movie Venom.”  Junior Andi McClain would be willing to pay even more if it would guarantee the same parking spot each day. “The most I would pay,” she clarifies, “is $40.” Already, McClain is mapping out her design. “I want to paint my parking spot with a Grey’s Anatomy themeor maybe Spiderman!” Don’t even think of trying to park in her spot, either! “I would pop their tires!” she asserts, adding, “I’m just kidding…I would just leave a note!”

Paying to park is a small price to guarantee a premium spot each day–and, the fundraiser creates yet another venue for students to express their artistic side! Keep an eye out for further information on when this opportunity becomes available. Then, act quickly, as these locations are sure to go fast! (Warning: some assembly required; paint not included).