Two Interns EHS Can “Bank” On

Two Interns EHS Can Bank On

Joclynn Cochran, Staff Writer

Elkhart High School offers seniors internships based on their interests and future career paths. One of them is working at a bank. One of those banks is right inside EHS.

Two senior interns employed at Lake City Bank are Taryn Snider and Alan Puga Resendiz, who both greatly enjoy working within finance.  I like working here,” Snider states. “It’s pretty easy!” Puga agrees. “Yes! I love working here. It’s nice, and we even have an accessible internet!” Because Lake City’s school branch does not experience as much customer traffic as its other locations, Puga notes that a day in the life of employee here is rather slow. “Usually, we just sit  around and wait for people to do stuff.” 

Some primary duties they have are to withdraw and/or to make deposits in and out of the accounts. They have to be fast-working and precise with each transaction. Puga states, “The most challenging part of working in the bank is pressing the right buttons.” One mistake can be costly. Snider adds, “The math is also very challenging.” Despite the challenges, they make the job look easy–and even fun.

Although Puga interns at the bank, he doesn’t intend to further his career in banking and finance due to it ‘”just not being [his] thing.” However, the work skills he has acquired have been very beneficial. And, it will look great on his résumé! Therefore, Puga does not regret this decision in the slightest.

The bank interns clearly spend the day in the glassed-in office. Although they sometimes feel as though they are on display, they both describe it to be a “pleasant place!” Snider explains her decision to intern at the bank. “ I decided to work here because Mrs. Schmitt recommended it to me. I took up the offer and applied!” Puga has a similar experience. “Mr. Kurth had called me down to his office and told me I would be a good fit, and that I could work here. I told him that was great!” Thus, both began their journey down a new career pathway.

While most days are rather lackluster, there are other occasions when the interns run into awkward interactions with students. Puga shares a favorite: “The weirdest thing that had ever happened to me was during the pandemic when Ben Somebody came in asking if this was the nurse’s office!” Coming within close contact of another, Puga explains how they then had to follow close-contact protocols by spraying everything with Lysol and hand sanitizer.  Snider has her own story. “Some people just come in and ask for money!”

Undoubtedly, many more interesting interactions will occur throughout the year. No matter what those may be, it is for certain that Snider and Puga will be ready and waiting behind the counter!