How Real Is BeReal?


Ayelen Pichardo Hernandez, Staff Writer

Let’s be real. How real is BeReal? 

Is BeReal worth its shocking 27.9 million downloads? BeReal is one of the most popular apps among young people today. But, what does it do? BeReal is very similar to Instagram and Facebook. Users can add friends, post pictures, and interact with friends’ posts. It all seems very familiar, but there’s a twist. Once a day, users get a notification that sets a 2-minute timer to take a picture. The BeReal app captures moments with both the front and back camera. The purpose of this is to share a real photo of real life. This takes away the pressure of posting the perfect photo, no editing, and no staging moments. 

BeReal is promoting a great message for its user’s. It is encouraging people to be their authentic selves. Showing unfiltered moments without feeling judged boosting self confidence. Nowadays, teens are completely consumed by media and the need to fit it. An app that inspires people to be themselves is a good reminder that humans are not perfect. 

All around, BeReal is a great app to share photos on. Elkhart High School junior Alya Zepeda says, “I enjoy the BeReal app because it shows how I feel about the pictures I’m currently taking.” The BeReal app is great for people who simply enjoy taking pictures of themselves and their surroundings. It is like a memory book to look back on. Having a picture for everyday a person lives is something one can keep forever. The timer aspect of the app adds to its uniqueness. Zepeda adds, “I look at the timer as a challenge to take a picture before the countdown ends.” People who love a good challenge would have an exceptional time trying to take a picture on time everyday.      

 BeReal attracts all different kinds of people. Millions of people upload their photos being as authentic as possible, knowing that their friends and other strangers will be able to see it. Social media has been a way of sharing only the perfect edited moments. BeReal takes all that away by making it impossible to know when it will be time to take a photo. It is safe to say that BeReal brings people together, proving that humanity is more alike than different.