Football Vs. Futbol

Football Vs. Futbol

Lizette Cervantes, Staff Writer

What’s better football or Futbol?

“Soccer is better than football, because football seems boring and they have too many breaks during the games,” said Christian Alvarez Sanchez (a soccer player at Elkhart high, sophomore )

“Football is better than soccer because football is more exciting than soccer,” said Darreon Newson ( a football player at Elkhart Hight, sophomore)

People who live in America,it’s usually football, anywhere else it’s futbol, or American soccer. Futbol is the most popular sport, it is particularly popular in Europe, Central and South America and Africa, though has a growing influence in North America and Asia.

American football is most popular in North America, which is where the sport originated. The U.S and Canada have the most football fans in the world by far. However, each year the game is gamering more and more popularity worldwide.

In soccer players go for 90 minutes a half and although there are substitutions, players have to be an extremely conditioned athlete to play soccer.

 Not the case in football, they have defense and offense and of course special teams. When one of the team’s offenses are not playing they can rest, same with defense.

So in reality it is harder to play, soccer of course.

However football is not a worldwide sport, its Manila players in America, if anywhere else at all. Meanwhile soccer or futbol is played around the world. Any soccer player in America who wants to be a great player goes to another country like Spain or England. So its popularity makes it a favorite for more people no matter what the opinion on the sport,

It might not be because people enjoy watching it more or playing it more, it might be because American football isn’t played there. Americans love football so much that the colleges play it as well as pro teams. 

If American football were played in more than just America, imagine the more and more fans it would have, it would be just as good as soccer.